SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Two women hiking with their dog at Mission Trails Regional Park Thursday were attacked by a swarm of bees.   

Fire officials told CBS News 8 the attack was an isolated incident. 

According to Hilary Kearney with Girl Next Door Honey, a swarm of bees are "basically a group of homeless bees that are looking for a new place to live." 

Kearney said bees can sometimes stop for a few minutes or a few days. If more than a few days, she said you'll want to get it taken care of. 

Without a home, the bees are on the move - sometimes in small numbers, other times in clusters traveling at up to 15-miles-an-hour. 


"They could come on you suddenly and basically you want to stay calm. If you start swatting or hitting at them, they are going to sting you because they perceive that to be an attack. If you back out of the swarm or back out, you should be fine," said Kearney. 

The month of May is peak time for bee activity and this year they are more active than years past because of all the rain. 

"This year because we actually got rain, they are really doing well. It's good news for bees, but it means there are more swarms," said Kearney. 

Kearney said this year they expect the first good honey harvest because of the bloom.