SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – Thousands showed their support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during his rally at Qualcomm Stadium Sunday, which was his fourth San Diego rally in recent weeks.

He’s campaigning throughout California and his June 5th San Diego stop marked two days before the state's primary

Sanders opened his rally to a cheering crowd with these words: “Are we ready to make a political revolution?” 

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Before the rally, Sanders spoke to CBS News 8 in one-on-one interview and said it was important to stop in America’s Finest City several times, because there are more young people voting.

“Young people want real change. I'm proud of the campaign we have won and I hope to take it to the finish line with a victory,” said Sanders.

“We finally care and we are finally excited about living in the future,” said Sanders supporter Leah Quesenberry.

 “He really touches my heart in what I feel a president should be like,” continued Sanders supporter Sal Arellano.

[CBS News 8's Brandon Lewis interviews Sanders during his May rally in San Diego:]

During his 45 minute speech, Sanders discussed equality, raising the minimum wage, free college tuition and touched on his opponent Hillary Clinton:

“The energy and the grassroots activism in this campaign is with us and not Hillary Clinton." 

But Sanders spent more time calling out presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. 

“Trump will not become president because in the year 2016 the American people will not accept a bigoted president.” 

San Diego has received a boost in Democratic voter registration and Sanders is hoping that shows in the number of people at the polls.

“We are doing everything that we can to make sure there is a large voter turnout on Tuesday," said Sanders.

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At the end of the CBS News 8 one-on-one interview, Sanders was asked something on the lighter side: who was he rooting for – the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers in Sunday night’s NBA Finals. Sanders had this to say:

“Warriors, you think I am dumb politician. I’m in California, I know what I am talking about."

On Monday, June 6th, Senator Sanders will be campaigning in San Francisco.

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