SAN DIEGO (CBS 8/ CNS) - A section of sea bluff collapsed near Tourmaline Surfing Park Friday, causing no reported injuries or structural damage but prompting lifeguards to close a stretch of beach as a safety precaution against any further landslides.

An estimated two tons of dirt and rocks sloughed off the oceanfront cliff in the 400 block of Sea Ridge Drive in La Jolla about 1:30 p.m., according to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

Authorities cordoned off a roughly 50- by 50-foot radius of beach around the site of the earth slide and called in a city geologist to survey the area for any lingering hazards, SDFRD Capt. Joe Amador said. 

"We know there was an overflow of water that was happening at some time that could have caused the erosion for the bluff to fail," said Capt. Amador. 

The broker for the vacation home said someone forgot to turn the pool water off. Water could bee seen leaking off the deck. 

The Minnesota family on vacation seen in Chopper 8's footage had to pack up and leave after City Engineering "Yellow Carded" the home. 

A private engineer will need to drain the pool and the code enforcement will decide then, if the home and backyard are safe.