SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Two dogs rescued from a boat found adrift off the La Jolla coast may now be looking for a new home. The owner has come forward, but he may not be able to claim them.

"Dogs are fine. They came in in really good condition, good weight and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them," Department of Animal Services Lt. Kalani Hudson said.

On Wednesday, lifeguards said the dogs were left alone a mile of the coast of La Jolla in unsanitary conditions, with no water and food that was hard to get. We were curious if whoever owned the dogs would be in trouble.

"At this point because there is no physical injury to the dogs, there wouldn't be any sort of criminal charges. Dogs are considered personal property, so we are obligated to return them to their owner," Hudson said.

On Thursday, the dogs' owner found us. His name is Guerillmo Cabanellas. He said on Monday he started having engine trouble and got in touch with lifeguards. On Wednesday, he left his boat and his two dogs -- Captain and Princess -- to row ashore and set up a tow service.

"Everything was in there for them, water, food, the works," Cabanellas said.

But when he came back, his boat was gone, impounded by lifeguards. Now he's fighting to get his boat and his dogs back. The problem is, he can't afford the impound fee, or the fee to get his dogs back.

"Yes, that's why I'm here. I'm filing an injunction in court. Everything they've done is illegal," he said.

Cabanellas was staying on his boat, but without it, was forced to stay on the streets and apologized for no looking like his normal self.

"Now I'm out of luck because I don't have a place to stay, which is inside my boat," he said.

How long the dogs were alone is still up for debate. But Cabanellas wants people to know his crew is safe with this captain.

"I'm an honest person. I'm just coming here minding my own business, trying to get my life normal like anyone else," he said.

Lifeguards told CBS News 8 Cabanellas will be able to get his boat back, but he has to pay the impound fee and have his boat fixed.