SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Talk about a walk on the wild side. Three bobcat cubs were seen roaming the streets of a San Marcos neighborhood and they were caught on camera.

Sandra Lungren says she was driving along Via Vera Cruz when a bobcat crossed her path.

"I was floored, I was really surprised," says Sandra. "I turned around and thought, I wonder if it's possible to get some pictures."

To her surprise, the bobcat wasn’t camera shy.

"After he got over his first being skittish with me, he was comfortable taking all these pictures."

Then, Sandra says she saw two more bobcats nearby.

"I saw two babies, they were up here and were hiding at first."

The family of photo friendly felines seems to be making their way through the neighborhood.

Hunter Ruiz saw them in his backyard and snapped some pictures as well.

"They just came up and we saw them on the deck of our pool and they were roaming around and then went back down when we alarmed them and they knew we were there," says Hunter.

So far, neighbors say they have only seen baby bobcats in the area. For the most part, bobcats are considered to be more of a neighbor than foe.

The city says they get reports of bobcats once in a while. So far, none have caused any harm to humans, but people are advised to keep your distance, especially if you have small pets.