ESCONDIDO (NEWS 8) - A person who may have been trying to use a paddle board to ride or cross the fast-moving currents of a rain-swollen Escondido runoff channel was found dead in the culvert Thursday afternoon.

One witness called 911 to report a man believed to have been riding a paddle board or long board in the channel. Initially, firefighters did not spot the man in the act. 

"I don't know what he was thinking when he decided to get into the water," said Kiesten Bible, a witness. 

First responders did not locate the man until it was too late, therefore, it remains unclear what his intentions were or why he took a board into the waters. 

Emergency personnel found the body in the area of West Valley Parkway and Tulip Street, said Jeff Murdock, spokesman for the Escondido Fire Department.

The Escondido Fire Department reminded the public that it is extremely dangerous for anyone to try and brave the water - even if they are a strong water. 

"It's not where you want to go to do those types of activities. You are on your own out here. Even if you were able to get onto the side of it, you could not hold on long enough to pull yourself out of this water. [It] will just rip you off the wall," said Murdock.