SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Campers and other visitors to Mount Laguna were being urged Monday to boil their water after bacteria was found in the water system.

The boil water order was issued by the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health, and includes the Desert View picnic ground, Red-Tailed Roost trail, Sierra Club Lodge, Camp Ole Fire Station and Visitor Information Center.

The Wooded Hill, Horse Heaven, El Prado, Yerba Santa, Laguna, and Burnt Rancheria campgrounds were included in the order.

E. Coli bacteria and total coliform bacteria were detected in the water system, according to the DEH.

The presence of E. Coli indicates contamination by human or animal waste. Total coliform bacteria comes from the soil or other environmental sources, which means there could be a break in the pipes, according to the DEH.

The boil water order will remain in effect until laboratory results confirm the absence of bacteria in the water supply, the DEH reported.