Fans are getting pumped up for the Chargers' showdown against the Steelers this weekend. Bolts fans are hoping to hustle their own way to Pittsburgh, with deep discounts online.

As soon as Darren Sproles found the end zone in overtime against Indy, Chargers fans knew it was time to score a great deal to the next game. Pittsburgh, here we come.

First, a flight and hotel. We Google last minute deals, and quickly discover by booking a flight with a hotel, we can save a lot of money. In a deal on Travelocity, flying United at 6:49 out of San Diego Friday morning, we arrive in Pittsburgh at 4:03. We stay 3 nights at the Wyndham Pittsburgh - a 3 star hotel - just 2 miles from the football stadium. and we leave Pittsburgh on United Monday the 12th at 6:46 p.m. and arrive in San Diego at 10:30. Total price - less than $400 a person, but you must book 2 people.

Now for tickets, we go to eBay and find hundreds of seats, including these 2 tickets for $207 dollars, just over 100 bucks a ticket, and they're great seats in section 108. Click the NFL logo right on top then scroll down to the Pittsburgh-San Diego game at the bottom. You can see there are over 2,400 tickets - tickets guaranteed by Ticketmaster. Click on buy, and you get a map of the stadium. Scroll over the area you want to sit, and you can see end zone seats for as little as $125 each on the lower level and for $250 each near the 50 yard line. There is a slight service charge, but still a pretty good deal.

So add it all up, and you can find a flight, hotel and tickets for about $550. Of course, you have to add taxis to and from the airport in Pittsburgh, transportation to the game, meals, souvenirs... realistically, $1,000. But thing how much you'll save next week after the Chargers beat Pittsburgh, and Baltimore beats Tennessee, making the next game a home game.