SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A 2-month-old giraffe whose mother died a few weeks ago joined the rest of his herd Thursday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and will be bottle-fed for the time being.

Congo will be given 2.6 liters of formula three times a day in the East Africa habitat, according to zoo officials. He'd been in a barn until today with another young giraffe, Leroy.

"We (drove) out, went to the back of the truck, (Congo) walked over to the truck and took his bottle," senior animal keeper Eileen Neff said. "So that was really nice for us, so we can know he can stay out and be with all his friends."

After being released into the exhibit, Congo and Leroy were seen playing with two young females.

Congo's mother died earlier in August, but the zoo didn't disclose the cause.