Attorneys are picking jury members today who'll hear the case of Brae Hanson, who's accused of murdering her stepfather Timothy MacNeil back in 2007. Her brother Nathaniel Gann, who's also suspected in the deadly shooting will have a separate jury hand down his verdict.

Brae Hansen is accused in the July 19, 2007, killing of Timothy MacNeil, a criminal defense attorney.

A separate jury will hear the evidence against Hansen's brother, 20-year-old Nathaniel Gann, who faces the same charges as his sister. Jury selection for that case begins Wednesday.

A different jury deadlocked 7-5 in favor of guilt in Gann's first trial last year. In that trial, Gann's attorney, Ricardo Garcia, blamed MacNeil's murder on Hansen.

Garcia said Hansen wanted to hurt her stepfather because she felt rejected by him and wanted jewelry and other things she felt she deserved after her mother committed suicide.

Hansen told police she planned MacNeil's murder with Gann and agreed to give him 15 percent of any inheritance she received, but later tried to stop her brother from killing the victim.

Deputy District Attorney George Bennett told the jury that both siblings were guilty of murder. Bennett said Hansen wanted her stepfather dead and called Gann in Arizona to help.

The prosecutor said Gann -- dressed in all black -- shot MacNeil four times, then tied up Hansen to make it look like a robbery carried out by a masked intruder.