SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Two burglars were caught on camera breaking into a house as it was being fumigated, but took off right as they realized they were being watched.

“The fumigation killed the termites, but there were still cockroaches running around here,” said Craig Everett.

Everett said he did not know what to expect when it came time to fumigate his home and securing his belonging inside.

“I bought the system last week and installed it in anticipation of something like this happening. It did not surprise me that it did happen. It did surprise me how quickly it did happen because the tent had only been up, maybe 12 hours,” he said.

According to Everett, the burglars cut a hole in the fumigation tent directly over his side door.

Everett’s cameras captured the unmasked men in his living room and garage, but their un-invited stay did not exactly last long.

As soon as the two suspects were inside and spotted the cameras, they sped up their crimes and were out of the house in about six or seven minutes.

According to Everett, the suspects took loose change and prescription medications. “I am still going through the house and looking but those are the two main things that I’ve noticed.”

Everett was told there wasn’t enough poison in the home to seriously hurt the men, maybe just enough to make them sick.

Everett is a former California Highway Patrol officer. He said he would recommend that anyone with upcoming fumigation at their home to install security cameras and remove valuables like he did.

San Diego Police have the security camera footage and according to Everett, they said there is a good chance they will be able to identify the burglars.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.