SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - BYU and Wyoming will play each other in the Poinsettia Bowl Wednesday night at Qualcomm Stadium, but on Monday night their marching bands battled it out at Horton Plaza.

Nearly 400 marching band members united to kick off Poinsettia Bowl week with an electrifying performance at Horton Plaza.

"We kind of compete within ourselves. We try to play better and everything, but band kids, music kids support each other. This is a great excitement," said Bob Belser, Director of Bands at the University of Wyoming.

Shawn Weber's daughter is home from BYU and will be able to watch her march with the band as she plays the trombone. 

"We got really excited because we knew we would see her for Christmas," said Weber.

With thousands of fans flocking to the warm weather, the Poinsettia Bowl helps one of San Diego's slowest tourism weeks.

"They are filling our hotel rooms and dining in our restaurants and shopping in our stores. It's a wonderful event for San Diego," said Mark Neville, Poinsettia Bowl Executive Director.

Bowl tickets are still available for Wednesday's game and can be purchased online. They for as little as $20.