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California's fight over foie gras isn't over

Animal activists don't have to make reservations at SM: Sausage Meat in Hillcrest, the owner of the specialty meat restaurant welcomes the attention for serving foie gras.
California's fight over foie gras isn't over

SAN DIEGO (CBS) – California's food fight over foie gras may not be over. Since the ban to serve the delicacy was overturned in January, the state attorney general filed an appeal to keep it off the menu.

Customers at S&M: Sausage & Meat in Hillcrest at 4130 Park Boulevard got a front row seat Wednesday night at protesters who lined the sidewalk to protest the use of foie gras. “We are up here to let them know serving duck and geese liver is wrong,” said Ellen Ericksen, animal activist.

Outside of S&M protesters used a bullhorn to voice their concern about foie gras, which is made outside of the state by force feeding ducks and geese to fatten their livers, “No justice no peace, until the birds are released.”

The owner of the exotic meat restaurant that serves camel, beaver and bison thanks the protesters for the new business.

“To have people out there that are so offended by what we do is almost a compliment,” said Scott Slater.

Customers inside look at the protesters puzzled, “I think they are protesting the wrong place because people come here for meat, I don't think they are going to change their minds,” said Michael Chan.

Ironically the night Chan and his friends ate at S&M, foie gras wasn't on the menu.

In January, a federal judge overturned the ban to sale the duck liver in California. On Wednesday, state Attorney General Kamala Harris filed an appeal on the judge's ruling that found the law doesn't trump federal regulations.

Animal activists say they are not targeting S&M only for serving foie gras, but also for serving exotic meats.

"Wherever there is cruelty being served you can find us there,” said Ericksen.

S&M's owner says he welcomes the attention.

“We enjoy it, it actually helps our atmosphere. We are an aggressive non-apologetic restaurant, we love what we do and we take a lot of chances of what we do,” said Slater.

The owner says all the meats served at his restaurant is from a sustainable farm.

It remains illegal for California farmers to produce foie gras.