OCEANSIDE (CBS 8) - The California Highway Patrol and Caltrans cleared out homeless encampments along Interstate 5 Thursday morning in Oceanside and Carlsbad.

Caltrans and the CHP served a three day warning to move out of the area for all homeless people living along Interstate 5, this after concerns were raised from residents in the area. Oceanside residents have expressed concerns about prostitution and drug use due to the homeless camps. The camps are located a block away from South Oceanside Elementary. Residents noted that the only thing separating them from visiting prostitutes and drug dealers is a seven foot fence between the camps and their homes, adding added that it's not a safe environment for their kids.

"You see that they cut through the fences and vandalize the Caltrans fences and there are private businesses and petty theft as well," explained CHP officer Ryan Nilsen.

"Caltrans has cleared, since 2011, almost 9,600 homeless encampments costing tax payers over $880,000," said Ed Cartagena with Caltrans.

The CHP said not only is it expensive, it's also dangerous for drivers on freeways.

"We take a lot of pedestrian collisions where vehicles hit pedestrians. A large number of cases are homeless people,” Nilsen said.

Caltrans has taken special care when removing items from the encampments and any hazardous materials are transported from the area safely.

"If it's needles, those are collected and save the containers and disposed of properly. Larger issues including waste we would have to call in a HazMat team," continued Cartagena.

Caltrans conducted their eviction along Interstate 5 Thursday morning, focusing on four areas along I-5:

- The Cassidy Street off-ramp
- Mission Avenue in Oceanside
- State Route 78 near Laguna Street in Carlsbad.
- Via de la Valle near Del Mar

There are more than 200 homeless camps in North County. Thursday, about a dozen people were evicted.