SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — An epic journey across Southern California to help homeless veterans is nearly complete. Two former Marines embarked on a 200-plus-mile hike to raise money and awareness for their non-profit Cammies & Canines.

Kalani Creutzburg plans to get from Huntington Beach all the way back to Dulzura on crutches.

It's more than 100 miles away, but he says he knows his mission is too vital to stop now.

"I'm in pain, but I'm putting one foot in front of the other,” said Creutzburg.

He and fellow Marine veteran Nate Schoemer embarked on their mission to help keep their non-profit going.

The focus of Cammies & Canines is to house and rehab homeless vets with the aid of a dog training program.

"A big part of how we help these veterans is not just the external by trying to help them find a job but that internal portion, that peer-to-peer support,” said Schoemer.

Schoemer and Creutzburg took off on the 215-mile hike that started northwest of Los Angeles last weekend and will end in Dulzura.

They have traveled 22 miles a day to honor the 22 veterans that are estimated to commit suicide each day after suffering from PTSD.

Along the way there's been support but their journey is far from over.

Even on an injured foot, Creutzburg can't stop and says there are too many people at Cammies & Canines that count on them for help.

"We do that by empowering them, we do that by helping them, by working through demons and internal struggles that got them to be homeless in the first place,” said Creutzburg.