SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Campaign season is in full swing ahead of the June primary, but some candidates or their supporters have been accused of illegally posting campaign signs on private property.

A small rally was held Thursday afternoon at an intersection of Midway and Rosecrans to spotlight the kind of campaign signs that are being placed on private property.

“It’s not just one or two signs. They are all over the county,” said John Mattes, with the Much Better Choices Political Group.

Mattes coordinated a rally with red signs on the sidewalk for Sheriff Gore and D.A. Summer Stephan saying: “No more illegal signs.”

"We're here because the Gore Campaign and the D.A.'s campaign have been putting up illegal signs all over the county and the best example is right behind me where they have two signs up on private property,” he said.

The group said they want to know if campaigns have permission to have signs on private property like that of Happy Head Massage and Déjà vu Show Girls in the Midway District.

"They have to have the permission. So did they get the permission of DejaVu Show Girls to put it up? Which would in fact be an endorsement. Are they just illegally putting them up? That is the question,” said Mattes.

A statement to News 8 from Summer Stephan’s campaign said:

“Those signs are posted by the Deputy Sheriffs Association, independent of our campaign, so no, we have no comment.”

Sheriff Bill Gore’s campaign stated:

“The Gore campaign has not purchased or distributed any signs. There are signs posted by the Deputy Sheriffs Association, in an independent expenditure, which we are legally prohibited from coordinating with so you'd have to direct any questions to them.”

The Deputy Sheriff’s Association stated:

"We contract with a professional sign posting firm. Our agreement ensures their compliance with all appropriate ordinances and the removal of the signs after the election. Any complaints about the manner in which signs are posted are handled promptly."

Many San Diegans, however, were unaware of the sign controversy.

The Deputy Sheriffs Association, who is responsible for putting up the Gore and Stephan Campaign signs said they are in compliance with all ordinances.