SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Valentine’s Day is just days away, which means some people may be scrambling to find that perfect gift – which could include a nice meal. And if you’re looking for a unique experience that meal could involve marijuana.

One local company will help couples celebrate with a cannabis-infused dinner party.

Since marijuana became legal in California last year, products and services everywhere have evolved to incorporate the drug.

"What we're providing is a gourmet cannabis experience. We paired events and health because we believe in food being your medicine,” said Claire Guilbert the co-founder of Tasty High Chef.

The company is dedicated to changing what Guilbert and her partner Masha Itkin call misconceptions about marijuana and food.

“I'd like them to know it can be gourmet,” said Itkin. “It's not just brownies or gummies."

The two showed News 8’s Shannon Handy some of the dishes they'll be serving at a private dinner party they're hosting on Valentine's Day at the Misfit Gallery in La Jolla.

The menu includes everything from cannabis-infused drinks to burrata and dessert.

All are micro-dosed and include descriptions of exactly just how much cannabis each one contains.

"When we provide food, we will test it and you'll know exactly how many milligrams you're getting,” said Guilbert.

Health-wise they say the food helps with pain relief and anxiety.

In terms of Valentine's Day romance, they say marijuana heightens certain senses.

Tickets for Thursday's dinner are $75 a piece and the event will include cannabis free-options.

The dinners Tasty High Chefs offer are a unique experience the two co-founders are confident you'll be seeing more of.

“They say the trend for 2019 is gonna be cannabis-infused food,” Guilbert.

If you can't make it to Valentine's Day, the company also does private events and parties. Click here for more information.