SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A rude awakening in a local neighborhood Wednesday morning, when a car slammed through a fence, hit a home and landed upside down. 

Residents called 911 around 1 a.m. in Bay Terraces, after a black sedan veered off the road and plowed through a fence, police said. 

The driver slammed into a master bedroom and woke up a mother, missing her by just inches, before it flipped over.

When officers arrived to the 400 block of Arroyo Seco Drive, the driver was gone.

The car was taken away on a flatbed truck, after a crane pulled it out of a backyard. 

Police searched the area and found an injured man hiding three houses away.

Officers said he couldn't get his story straight or answer why he was hurt. 

"He changed his story several times and at that point medics took him off and we had a unit go do a follow up at the hospital to see how he was doing," Sgt. Edward Lorendo, San Diego Police said.

The driver was being treated at the hospital where police continue to interview him.

Police say this may be a DUI case. Officers need to test the driver for alcohol and drugs.