ENCINITAS (CBS 8) – Orange and white barriers are blocking the view of those living in Encinitas on San Elijo Boulevard.

The North County Transit District put up barricades in Cardiff and Leucadia to prevent people from driving over the bluff and onto the tracks.

“I think they are ugly,” said Herschel Jones.

He and his neighbor Gayle Arbaugh don't like the barricades that are described to look as if they belong in a construction zone.

“It's an eyesore for anyone that lives here,” said Arbaugh.

No one has driven off the bluff and landed on the tracks but the North County Transit District (NCTD) says too many close calls prompted crews to put them up in February which is on their right of way along the bluff on San Elijo Avenue.

“If it stops someone that is great. There are some cars down here that rolled across," said Tom Mason. "It's dangerous so they have to do something,” said Tom Mason.

He saw a car roll down from a hill above and over the bluff and says he's seen some cars nearly take a dive over the edge. NCTD says in December a car got too close to the edge and suspended a tire over the bluff..

Some neighbors who don't like the look of the barricades do understand the NCTD's liability.

“They do the purpose of keeping people from driving off,” said Jones.

NCTD says it is working with the city on a more visual appealing barrier and will not take down the temporary barricades until a permanent solution is approved.

“You just need to put a low rail like across the street,” said Arbaugh.

NCTD says it plans to have a permanent barricade finished by the end of 2015.

A spokesperson says the importance of the preventative measures were heightened when several vehicles recently collided on other tracks across the country causing multiple deaths.

“It's ugly, we live here to look at the coast,” said Arbaugh .

Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gaspar emailed CBS News 8 a statement:

“The City is in communication with NCTD regarding the barriers along San Elijo Avenue. While the City acknowledges the effort by NCTD is intended to keep people safe, we are looking for a long term alternative that is more visually appealing for our community.”

A spokesperson for the North County Transit District issued information regarding the barriers:

- North County Transit District (NCTD) put up the existing temporary barricades in Leucadia and Cardiff in February 2015.

Q: What is the purpose of the temporary barricades?

· - The purpose is to reduce the hazard of automobiles parking too close to western edge of the NCTD railroad right of way (ROW) and risking falling onto the tracks.

Q: Why are these barriers needed?

· - Vehicles park very close to the edge of the ROW in Leucadia, and in Cardiff, as well. The drop off to the tracks is steep. It is difficult to see the edge of the slope after dark.

· - In addition, these bluffs are subject to erosion, particularly following a rain event(s).

· - This is a safety risk to drivers, NCTD personnel and transit passengers. It is a liability to NCTD and to drivers.

Q: Why is this needed NOW? Incidents have not occurred in this location in the past.

In December 2014, a vehicle went partially over the ROW in the Leucadia area. This highlighted the potential safety risk and liability associated with this issue.

In addition, vehicles have ended up on tracks in several locations throughout the country in recent months (i.e., East Coast, Metrolink and North Carolina). Trains derailed and people were killed in both cases. NCTD sees this as a particular risk in the identified locations.

It is NCTD's obligation to take steps to address safety and liability issues once they are identified. The recent events noted above emphasize the potential for a dangerous event to occur in these areas. NCTD needs to act to reduce that risk.

Q: Will the barricades be removed? If so, when?

The barricades will be removed. The timing is anticipated to be by the end of 2015.

NCTD is working on a longer-term solution to reduce this risk. NCTD has been working with the community and has identified low-lying barrier and signage options that will prevent vehicles from parking too close to the edge of the railroad right of way. These solutions will blend in with the colors of existing materials in the area and will not impact views.

The timing of installation of the new low-lying barrier and signage is anticipated to be by the end of 2015. This is due to the need for NCTD to identify funding and to procure contractor services to install these. NCTD is working as quickly as possible to move this effort forward.

Q: How is NCTD working with the community?

NCTD will keep the community apprised of the status of the process through the City of Encinitas community outreach page. 

Some of the footage used in this video report was shot using a GoPro camera.