CARLSBAD (CBS 8) - A Carlsbad gun store owner will not be able to open a gun range inside his business.

The Carlsbad City Council denied an appeal from Gunther Guns, thereby upholding a planning commission ruling that a gun range does not qualify as a recreational facility and therefore cannot be opened inside an area zoned for businesses.

Before the meeting, several area residents made an emotional plea to approve the shooting range.

"I strongly urge you to reconsider your decision. Parents need a place for kids to learn how to shoot safely and Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts need an opportunity to experience the things that so many others across the country take for granted,” said Jeff Burleson, gun range proponent.

Council members voted to uphold the ruling four to one with only council member Keith Blackburn voting to overturn the planning commission's ruling and grant a permit for a gun range to Gunther Guns.