ENCINITAS (NEWS 8) – Three women were arrested in North County after going on a mail theft spree in Carlsbad and Encinitas.

Residents on Cornish Drive in Encinitas told News 8 they noticed an uptick in mail theft over the years, but last weekend they saw the number of thefts increase.

“Unfortunately it is a common occurrence in our neighborhood,” one Encinitas resident told News 8. The resident said she received a call from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

The inspection service agent told the resident she had been a victim of identity theft and that she was not the only victim. Another Encinitas homeowner told News 8 her mail has been stolen from her twice.

Encinitas residents, like Lonni Madrid, said they are stilled. “I am pretty surprised. This is a pretty good neighborhood. I check my mail every day. A lot of people really depend on their mail.”

As North County residents see an increase in mail theft. Post Office officials are offering advice on how to keep mail safe.

Ricky Vida is an U.S. Postal Inspector. He said residents should get a locked mailbox if their neighbors have one. “They could steal you identity. They use the information they collect from the mailings you receive in order to create fake identities – to take over your identity.”

Vida also suggested people could us the USPS online service called Informed Delivery Digest – which sends pictures of mail delivered to the addressee.

If you have had your mail stolen, you are asked to contact postal inspectors at: 1-877-876-9455.