WARNING: Some readers may find the image at the center of this story offensive. 

LA JOLLA (NEWS 8) -  Critics are demanding action after a controversial cartoon was published in a local high school's newspaper.

On Tuesday, outraged community members called on La Jolla High School principal to resign.

"We're looking for ways to work with the school district to make sure that this doesn't happen at any school. This isn't just a La Jolla High School situation," Jose Cruz, Barrio Logan College Institute said.

The cartoon ran in the "Hi-Tide" paper and featured a number of offensive racial stereotypes.

According to La Jolla High School's journalism advisor, he provides the students with advice and guidance, and the principal has the final say on whether an issue of "Hi-Tide" can be published.

District and school administrators apologized, but for some people who showed up at Tuesday night's school board meeting -- that was not enough.

"I want to make sure that we have a climate in all of our schools that establishes a safe place for all kids, so that all children are welcomed and respected," School Board Member Michael McQuary said.

The published images led to a protest on the school’s free speech wall with students posting multiple copies of the cartoon demanding that someone do something.

La Jolla High School and the district called the cartoon an error in judgment and a breach of all the values they hold dear.

School Board President Kevin Beiser says "racism has no place in our schools."

Additionally, administrators said they had spoken with students involved in the newspaper about the cartoon and the responsibility of free speech.

At the meeting, the board passed a preliminary $1.3 billion budget proposal for the next school year. While the budget will not be finalized until June, at this point the district is only facing $8 million in reductions.