SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A youth baseball coach's profane tirade directed at an umpire was captured on camera and now some parents are saying he should not be coaching their kids. 

Coach Trent Holbrook has been suspended for a game after Wednesday morning's outburst during a tournament. 

The moment coach Holbrook unleashed his anger on one of the umpires was capture on a cell phone video. 

The umpires declined to talk on camera, but told CBS News 8 that three coaches and a player were kicked off the field for cursing - even after the game ended because the team had to forfeit. 

Coach Holbrook even confronted an umpire in the parking lot. 

CBS News 8 reached out to coach Holbrook for a comment but he has not responded. The tournament director told CBS News 8 Holbrook did apologize to the league for the incident. 

Even though coach Holbrook has been banned from the tournament, the RIP baseball team has a game scheduled for Thursday and will be allowed to play.