DEL MAR (NEWS 8) – A bobcat has been spotted off and on in an unincorporated part of Del Mar, and residents in the neighborhood are now keeping tabs on the furry creature that has been making frequent visits.

According to wildlife experts, it is not uncommon to have bobcats around – especially in the Del Mar area.

Rick Emmerson lives just above the Polo Fields and Horse Park. Over the years, cameras have captured the cat lunging and perching itself on planters, cat walking across a fence and going through paths and gates.

“We call him Bob for a good reason. His routine is pretty much to come out of the brush down there and walk across by the swimming pool and down the pathway to the street. He will stop, look both ways and then head to a neighbor’s house,” said Rick.

Cameras have captured Bob’s growth. Rick and his neighbors believe the cat has been roaming behind their house for about three years.

The cat is believed to be a healthy female.

Leigh Bittner works for the Wildlife Research Institute, Inc. She told News 8 orphaned bobcats are common in San Diego – especially in the Torrey Pines and Del Mar area.

“We are lucky to have them down here. What they eat are rabbits, rodents, gophers, ground squirrels – everything everybody complains about,” she said.

Although bobcats are not known to attack, humans should not be afraid.

“Just count your lucky stars if you see one in your neighborhood. The only thing you should be fearful is if you have a cat that roams out all night,” said Bittner.

Rick and his neighbors said they have no concerns and enjoy having Bob the cat as a neighbor.

“We would like to keep him around as long as he is willing to stay here,” said Rick.

Wildlife experts recommend that if a bobcat comes near to one your pets to be loud and clap your hands.