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Caught on Video: Man tries to break in to Escondido woman's home

Escondido police officers remain on the lookout for a man who boldly tried to break into a home. Footage from the home’s "ring" doorbell camera captured the man making several attempts to get insid...

ESCONDIDO (NEWS 8) – Escondido police on Friday remained on the lookout for a man who boldly tried to break into a home.

Footage from the home’s “ring” doorbell camera captured the man making several attempts to get inside Monday night.

While the suspect did not get inside the home, it is being treated as burglary.

As for the victim, Amanda Barard, who is a single mother, watched from her home security app on her phone the man tried to get into her home. “When I was standing at the door I was thinking if he came into my house it's me and my daughter what's going to be there to protect us and how am I going to defend us?”

Without much hesitation, she reacted. “It’s totally a blur. I don’t remember a lot of it because it happened so fast. I just thought I needed to get his attention to know, ‘hey dude I see you,’” she said.

Amanda is sharing the same video she watched live on her phone in case somebody recognizes the suspect.

The man ran away before he could make it inside the home, however, the man had already been at Amanda’s door just minutes before Amanda saw him on the security video. The man walked up, but Amanda had no idea. Her dogs barked and scared him away.

Escondido police officers responded to Amanda’s home that night. She said they told her it was brazen of the man to try getting in the home twice.

“I have dogs. I have an alarm. You’d think that is enough, but clearly it is not,” said Amanda.

Amanda has since made some changes around the home. She installed a deadbolt on her door. She will be installing motion sensor lights and even went to the shooting range.

For Amanda, it’s all to protect what is most important to her. “Her [Amanda’s daughter] safety, I mean honestly my child is my whole life,” she said.

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