SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - When our reporters here at CBS News 8 are sent out on stories, they often don't know what they're going to find. That was especially true for our Shannon Handy Friday. She thought she was reporting a story on last-minute Valentine's Day gifts. But when she arrived at Mount Soledad to do an interview, she got the surprise of a lifetime.

We sent Shannon out the door for a Valentine's Day shopping story, but then told her to head to La Jolla for a mysterious love story. Shannon had no idea that as soon as she sat down, her boyfriend Noah Grassi was about to sweep her off her feet.

With "Strangers in the Night" playing, there were strangers in the park applauding Noah's romantic rouse.

"I am just blown away. I could've never predicted that this would be the way I got engaged," Shannon said.

After seven years of dating, Shannon and Noah share a love for traveling, adventure and each other.

"Honestly I couldn't be a luckier guy," Noah said. "This is not news to the Channel 8 family. Everyone that works with her and knows her knows how special she is. Just an awesome girl."

"Perfect proposal, perfect man, so I'm a lucky girl," Shannon said. "When you know you can't live without someone, you know that's the right person for you."