SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - With talks of building a wall, one writer wants to focus on building a community and celebrating some of the great Mexican-American people making a difference. 

Award winning author, Fay Berman stopped by News 8 Morning Extra to talk about her book, MEXAMÉRICA: Una Cultura Naciendo.

The book describes the experiences, obstacles and contributions of a wide range of Mex-Americans portraying an animated, lively and multifaceted identity that shatters stereotypes, all in 5 chapters.

  • Portraits of immigrants in the arts. How has the Mexican-American identity been represented in the arts.
  • The sociopolitical context in which Mex-Americans live including a section dedicated to the US- Mexico border, another to the Mex- New York phenomenon, another to Chicago and another to Los Angeles; and covering issues such as immigration and adaptation, the need for the undocumented to pass themselves off as invisible, nativism, the census, the Latino vote, alliances with other minorities and the Mexican indigenous experience in the US.
  • Mexican artists who have left their mark in the United States. 
  • Notable Mex-Americans, which presents profiles of some representatives of the small but notable Mex-American elite highlighting their contributions to the arts, science, business, diplomacy and other fields.
  • Spanish in the United States. A new Spanish is born in these lands ...

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