SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) — From flying fists on a Southwest flight to all out brawls at Spirit Airlines over cancelled flights, it seems like lately passengers have seen it all. 

Tuesday, Missouri woman Nicole Harper went public claiming she had to urinate into a plastic cup during a United Airlines flight because the flight attendant refused to let her use the bathroom.  

Harper says it happened during takeoff. 

United say it happened during the plane's descent  

Harper says she filled two cups with the help of her husband and that the flight attendant told her a biohazard team would need to clean the seats. 

"I was thinking I was on Candid Camera or being punked," said Harper. 

"I thought it was unbelievable," said Karl Dring, the general manager of Global Point Travel Solutions. 

Dring says despite all the recent negative publicity he hasn't seen a difference in the way customers travel. 

"People are going to go ahead and buy these tickets. They have to get from point a to point b," said Dring. 

But he says people are definitely talking. 

"Now whatever happens, whether its positive or negative, there's a greater chance that it's going to be recorded by somebody," Dring said.  

And the videos only increase their anxiety about flying. 

"They feel like, 'ok, what's going to happen to me this time - is there going to be a luggage issue? Will I be faced with something like we've seen in the news?" said Dring. "You have more people crammed into less space - it's inevitable that it could create issues." 

Dring says the common thread he's noticed in a lot of these incidents have been airline employees strictly going by the book - not thinking about the bigger picture and being more flexible based on the situation.