SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - On Tuesday, the Chargers said the city's plan for a December vote on a new stadium is not possible because of legal concerns. Team representatives met with city leaders for the third time on Tuesday.

Chargers counsel Mark Fabiani released a statement that said: "The Chargers have concluded that it is not possible to place a ballot measure before voters in December 2015 in a legally defensible manner given the requirements of the state's election law and the California Environmental Quality Act."

It's a far different tone than the one city city leaders took after Tuesday's meeting.

Mayor Faulconer, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, County Supervisor Ron Roberts  released the following joint statement Tuesday following the third negotiating session with the Chargers:

"At the urging of the NFL and the Chargers, we have presented the team with multiple legally defensible options that fully comply with state environment law and would conclude with a public vote this year on a new stadium. We are still at the table. We have all the ingredients for success in San Diego if the Chargers work with us. We can get this done if the Chargers want to get it done."

City leaders said they can strike a deal that satisfies the California Environmental Quality Act.

The Chargers said they remain committed to negotiating with the city and county.