SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - There are many questions regarding the maneuver of a California Highway Police officer made while rushing to a high speed chase Tuesday in North County.

In a video, the CHP officer's cruiser can been seen speeding past vehicles on a two-lane highway leading into a blind curve.

Mike Schwennesen and his wife were in the vehicle that captured the video of the officer flying by in the opposite lane, headed towards a blind curve.

In an email, Mike and his wife wrote, "He came up behind me quickly, but there is no shoulder and there is a drop-off from the road-bed that would make pulling over very unsafe. We were going about 45 miles-per-hour. As seen in the video, other cars were in front of me. The CHP car cut across the double-yellow highway divider and passed me and all the cars I could see in front of me, on the blind curve," they said.

The couple said the officer did have his lights and sirens on.

Jim Bettencourt with the CHP said the officer was responding to a high-speed pursuit that had led officers on a 200-mile chase along I-15.

"Unfortunately at no point did those vehicles move to the side, yield, so he had to make the decision to cross over the double yellow lines, pass them on the left safely with his lights and sirens on. 54 in order to get past that group of cars," he said.

Bettencourt said CHP officers are trained everyday for those types of situation.

"The officer indicated he had full vision of the horizon and situation. It wasn't unsafe at the time for him to do so. In fact he was able to see the curve in the road through the trees in the opposite side," he said.

He also said drivers need to help officers out by slowing down and pulling to the side, something he said the drivers had plenty of room to do.

"If you watch that video again you can actually see some cut outs in the road way right after that officer passed him. So, there was some room for people to pull over in a safe manor," he said.