CHULA VISTA (CBS 8) - The City of Chula Vista held the first of two community briefings Thursday evening on the possible transfer of ownership of the Olympic Training Center to the city.

The facility is known for producing some of the worlds best Olympians and Paralympians.

"We have had a lot of medalists come out of this facility," said Kelly Bacon, Deputy City Manager.

Kelly Bacon is the Deputy City Manager for Chula Vista and says last year the USOC asked the city if they were interested in taking over ownership of the facility and the city jumped at the idea.

"We would love to do that. We would start looking at the feasibility of doing that and to also preserve the great sports legacy,” said Bacon.

Chula Vista wants to operate it without using tax dollars. To do that, not only would the USOC have to pay rent, but the facility would be more open to the community.

"That could be developmental sporting events, or pro training, or that could even be corporate events where people come out and do team training and things like that," said Bacon.

"It’s a fantastic facility for everyone to get their sweat on and enjoy San Diego," said Anthony Pazzo.

Pazzo rents out the facility for professional soccer matches and he says this would be a huge opportunity for Chula Vista.

"Fantastic proposal for the city. It’s an opportunity for Chula Vista as a whole and for the community to not only breed the athletes that they have and want, but to monetize it," said Pazzo.

The USOC released a statement that said in part:

Together, we look to preserve the legacy and vision of the CVOTC in providing world-class facilities, services and support to Team USA athletes, while generating the revenue necessary to maintain operations in order to free up resources for the USOC to redeploy to our National Governing Bodies and athletes.

The hope is that an agreement can be worked out by the end of the year.