The Chula Vista City Council voted Tuesday night to keep the Nature Center open through the end of June.

An appeal for donations to save the center from the budget ax brought in $530,000, organizers said. A $100,000 donation was made Tuesday morning. It costs nearly $1 million to run the center every year, while it brings in $300,000 in revenue. The city is left to cover the balance.

Chula Vista city officials, looking to cut $20 million from the budget, decided they couldn't afford to keep funding the Nature Center. But the massive outpouring of cash from donors allowed them to keep the center open through June 30.

The center is located in the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge and serves more than 15,000 students each year.

The decision doesn't end the city's budget woes. More than 160 city workers could still lose their jobs. Parks, recreation centers, a library along with several after-school programs could still be eliminated.