SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - On Tuesday night, frustrated residents crowded the Chula Vista Council meeting to express their concerns about the homeless population in parts of the city. 

Chula Vista residents claimed their complaints to the police have fallen on deaf ears. 

Chula Vista families stormed City Hall Tuesday night blaming the car break-ins, smell, trash and look of the neighborhood left by RV's staying past the allowed 72-hours.

Over 100 signatures were gathered to petition the city to do something about the RV's and homeless setting up camp on a residential street, across from what will be a park and library. Currently there is a school and elderly community.

"I have well over 100. It's ridiculous and it has been going on for too long," said Rachel Anderson, a neighbor pushing for a change.

Neighbors have a big problem with Bill Williams, who has been living in the area since last summer.

"He gets totally drunk. Starts using foul language, cussing everyone out, including all the people who back up to the vacant fence," said Sandie Hartung, a neighbor.

Williams is not a veteran but proudly displays military flags on poles plastered with lawsuit claims against the government along the road.  

"The problem is inside of them. The ugliest is coming out," he said.

Families said since Williams took over a stretch of the road, others have begun to follow him, and are taking shelter in their RV's.

"All of us live one day at a time," said Rod Walter, who lives in his RV.

Williams' BMW has an expired tag, and police said they have cited him several times for several violations, and responded to neighbor's complaints.

"I want to assure you that the city is doing what we can about the situation," said Mary Salas, Chula Vista Mayor.

Elderly families said they just don't feel safe and want something done.

Neighbors recommended the city put in a red zone, no parking signs during certain hours, or a bike lane to deter overnight parking and homeless camps.

Police said Bill Williams has refused resources. They are also working on a community meeting.

Some of the footage in this video story was shot using a GoPro camera.