SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — How far would you go for the perfect photo-op? Some social media users are pushing the limits into dangerous territory.

Trails around San Diego have some remarkable spots to get photos while getting in shape, but lifeguards are warning hikers and beach-goers to come prepared with water and proper clothing. They’ve seen a slight spike in rescues throughout the year and believe social media may be to blame.

"It is advertised on social media, some of the trails to come down here,” said San Diego Lifeguards Lt. Rick Romero.

Many try to put their best face forward to get a sensational selfie for social media. Lt. Romero runs into it all the time.

"One of the hot spots now is Box Canyon and we've seen a lot of postings on social media to come down here; it's a very tricky tight trail,” said Romero.

Lifeguards have done about 70 cliff rescues so far this year and say the number one causes are dehydration, medical issues and social media posts.

"People fall, people get stuck on a false trail and have nowhere else to go,” said Romero.

Even with danger signs warning of unstable cliffs, Romero says many get passed the barrier to do the harrowing hike. He also said many aren't dressed properly.

At Black's Beach some visitors said they do come prepared.

"We think about the correct shoes, extra layers, beverages,” said Barbara Young.

Standing on a wooden post for an Instagram post, Deej Weishar says she knows her limits.

“[I] wore hiking shoes and workout clothes; brought water,” she said. “A good selfie is important, don't get me wrong, but safety always, absolutely always. I think I've mastered a good balance of a good selfie and ‘how in the world did she get that?’”

Despite hearing of the dangers, Deej still goes out for those selfies but sticks to the buddy system and always brings a friend along.

"I've never seen it go wrong but I do know that it happens, and I don't think that it's ever worth it to risk something like that,” said Weishar.

See below for some recent San Diego selfies at some of the aforementioned locations.