SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - On Thursday, a 20-year-old male was rescued and airlifted from Adobe Falls after he lost his footing and fell about twelve-feet. 

Adobe Falls is located on the San Diego River north of Interstate 8 and San Diego State University. The canyon where Adobe Falls is located is owned by San Diego State University, and there are No Trespassing signs in the area. 

Neighbors said they have called police before when they have seen hikers. 

"It's a real shame about everything. We are just kind of burned out and fed up," said a neighbor. 

The injured man was conscious and alert when firefighters reached him. He was airlifted by the San Diego Fire Department chopper and taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital. The hiker suffered a head injury and cuts and scrapes. 

There were two other hikers, one who stayed with the victim until help arrived, and another who hiked to the top and called for help.