SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Scientists at the San Diego Natural History Museum are hoping to learn more about Humpback whales by studying the skeleton of one that washed up in Point Loma in February.

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter helped remove some of the whale's bones from the beach Monday. Teams from SDSU and the National Marine Fisheries also helped with the recovery.

The Humpback whale washed up at Point Loma in February, and most of the skeleton was lifted up the cliff. The Coast Guard then informed National Marines Fisheries - Southwest Fisheries about the whale. Once their work was done, they informed the San Diego Natural History Museum.

The Humpback was an adolescent whale, at 30 feet. It's cause of death is still being determined, but it's skeleton, which included a skull estimated to weigh 300 pounds, will help researchers understand more about it.

Humpback whales are increasing in numbers after nearly being hunted to extinction.