SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Customs and Border Protection on Wednesday showed off its newest boat used to keep the San Diego coast safe from smuggling and terrorism.

According to CBP Air and Marine Operations in San Diego, the Coastal Interceptor will be operated by a crew of three. The 41-foot, 10-ton vessel, has a range of approximately 350 nautical miles (402 miles).  

It will be outfitted with four 350 horse power Mercury outboard engines that will provide a cruising speed of 58 knots (66 mph). 

Its radar and electro-optical/infrared sensors (day/night camera) and can work with other AMO aviation assets and other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to accomplish the homeland security mission.

Director of Marine Operations in San Diego Jeremy Thompson said, "The Coastal Interceptor Vessel SAFE Boat is a very capable vessel which will assist air, ground and maritime agents in apprehending smugglers and potential terrorists and is a welcomed addition to our fleet."

News 8 photojournalist Scott Hall was able to tag along on a training exercise.