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College Shortcuts: The college consulting process

Students and parents alike know how stressful applying for colleges can be, and Neha Gupta of College Shortcuts wants to help streamline the application process.

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Students who are applying for college and their parents know all too well how stressful the application process can be.

Neha Gupta is the founder of College Shortcuts, a college application consulting business.

Her goal is to provide great insight into the application process, the importance of utilizing a college admissions consultant, and tips for parents to help make this time less stressful and more successful. 

Here are five of Neha's best tips to reduce the stress of the application process: 

  • Start Early
    •  Don’t wait until your teen is a senior in high school to start thinking about college.
  • Scores only open the door: they don’t guarantee anything 
    • Students have to create a compelling admissions narrative to ensure they stand out among the 4 million students applying every year. 
  • Work on stress and time management
    • Stress and time management skills are crucial to not only applying for colleges but succeeding once they get to college.
  • The X-Factor
    • The X- Factor is a way for students to realize what strengths they have that make them unique and stand out.
  • Hire a professional college consultant
    • College consultants are students that have recently gone through the college application process and they have just a few students, rather than hundreds, giving them the ability to work closely with your teen.

For more information on College Shortcuts, click on the link below.