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Dear Santa ... San Diego children find hope through St. Nick

Local children write to Santa each year and this year there were some letters that would bring you to tears.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Sending wish lists to the North Pole is a holiday tradition that even 2020 couldn’t stop.

So what do kids want for Christmas this year? Some answers may surprise you, and some may move you to tears.

Local children are minding their manners for Santa in their letters mailed to the North Pole.

“Dear Santa, I am 8 years old … I promise to get my grades up and listen to my mom…we both say please!!! Santa,” wrote Braxton.

Barbies, puppies, Legos are on the top of Santa’s list but Simon is indecisive.

“Dear Santa, here is what I want for Christmas. I don't know surprise me! P.S. thank you for the presents last year,” wrote Simon.

Santa’s elves shared some of his letters with Eva Jackson, one of Santa’s helpers at the United States Postal Service.

“Dear Santa, I just really want an elf,” wrote Mila.

Many children did a lot of convincing they belong on the nice list.

“I know I have not been picture perfect but I believe I have even mostly nice,” said Ayla.

Many children not only thought about themselves but thought about their family and others.

“Please give kids that don't have food, food. And yes, I'm still a true believer in you,” wrote Gael.

Children wrote in cursive, drew colorful pictures and cut out toys printed in magazines.

“My favorite part of Christmas is the lights what is yours? I have been a good boy,” said Denver.

Children’s curiosity about COVID-19 was also woven into Santa’s letters.

“Dear Santa are your elves sick? I hope you are not sick. Are you busy?” wrote Bryce.

Through a child’s eyes you see how Santa is giving the resilient children hope.

“I'm 9-years-old. This Christmas my mommy cannot work because of COVID-19. If you help my Christmas that would be nice,” said Daniel.

The help doesn’t have to fall on Santa’s shoulders we can help our neighbors too.

“All of us can be Santa in one way or another,” said Jackson.

Even adults are believers, 49-year-old Ryan lost his 87-year-old Army veteran father.

“We hope to reach you or one of your many helpers for a hand up this Christmas to help with final expenses,” wrote Ryan.

This even got Jackson teary eyed.

“I will be calling my father to tell him how much I love him,” said Jackson.

Santa has many wishes to grant this year but Jonah made it to top of our list.

“Dear Santa, I don't want anything for Christmas but I would like to ask you if you could do me a favor, can you please find a cure for COVID-19 and give it to us and save the world? Thank you. Love Jonah."

On Christmas Eve you can start tracking Santa and his reindeer at NORAD.