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Dru's Crew receives a special donation

A follow up to a story about a father whose facing an unimaginable life experience receives a donation that is also helping the donor heal.

SAN DIEGO — The story of a former track star continues to touch so many lives.

News 8 first told you about Andru Clarke in February, a former UCLA track star who is now in a wheelchair after a stroke and sepsis.

Through your donations he has been able to gain more independence.

On Friday, there was a special delivery that not only helped Dru but helped a family heal.

Dru’s left leg, arm and some of fingers were amputated after a tooth infection damaged his heart valve.

In early August, News 8 shared an update about Dru who received an outpouring of support from the community including a college friend, Brendon Ayanbadejo, who is a former Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champion. 

Donations helped Dru get a service dog and hire a caregiver.

“The community is coming together and really just surprising us with all of their generosity and support,” said Sarah Clarke.

When News 8’s Jeff Zevely shared an update on August 2, he told viewers how they are hoping more donations will buy a lift for Dru so people don’t have to help him get in the pool for aqua therapy and swim with his daughters.

“I called my daughter, and I said, 'Janice come in here and turn it back, turn it back, someone needed a lifter,'” said Barbara Bryant.

She was watching Dru’s story with her daughter, Janice Bryant, who works at KFMB. They had a brand new lift that hadn’t been used.

“After we lost my father, I asked my mom what should we do with this, and she said, ‘No, hold on to it,’” said Janice Bryant, the donor's daughter. "I'm glad that my father, even with his passing, he is still giving and this was meant for your family and I know that."

Her father, Elder Johnnie Bryant, died in January. The Veterans Administration provided him with the $6,000 lift. He served in the U.S. Navy and suffered from two brain tumors and was bedridden and had COVID-19.

“My dad gave a lot to the community and I know this is something that even though he is not here he is looking down at something he would do,” said Kevin Bryant, the donor's son.

The only time the lift has been used is when the physical therapist showed the family how to use it.

“And that was six months ago. And now we know why, it was lead for her not to sell it, it was for you,” said Bryant. 

Dru’s father and his wife’s father also served in the U.S. Navy. 

“It's amazing. I can't believe they saved it for six months,” said Clarke. 

Dru said this is more than just a lift, it gives him independence that helps lift his spirits.

“It's huge. We all have good and bad days and on those bad days it just helps. To know I can get in the pool by myself and not have eight people here,” said Clarke.

Knowing that even after months of losing a loved on, they are still giving the gift of life.

“He loved to give. The more you give the more you receive, and I love the lord and I know this is what god would want me to do and my husband,” said Barbara Bryant.

If you'd like to help Andru financially with the most challenging life experience imaginable please watch this video, or visit his GoFundMe Page by clicking here. Dru said he reads every message of encouragement.

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