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Young San Diego Escaramuzas, Mexican equestrians, become first to compete in Mexico Olympics

A group of young girls from San Ysidro and Bonita continue a traditional Mexican equestrian sport here in San Diego.

SAN DIEGO — It's called Escaramuza Charreria, an all-female Mexican equestrian sport.

It’s lived on in Mexico for decades, but daughters of immigrant parents are also keeping the tradition alive here in San Diego. 

“It makes me really happy to be part of the culture and the sport, it’s really exciting, said escaramuza Gina Vignoni. 

The team has been performing dangerous stunts while wearing Mexican gowns and sombreros as they ride sidesaddle. 

They also compete with other statewide and national teams.

Vignoni, Isabella Campos and Valentina Avelar, who is 11 years old, have perfected several stunts and will soon compete in the regional Olympics of Aguas Calientes, Mexico. 

It's the first time an American team gets to compete with other Mexican teams in this tournament, making this level of achievement more significant for the three riders. 

“Honestly when I heard about it, I was in shock, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Campos.

“I never thought we would get to this level, I'm really proud of myself and everyone who has been in this,” said Avelar.

“Personally I was really excited, and I was in shock,” said Vignoni.

All three of them have been practicing day and night, hoping they can make their family proud. 

Their fathers and grandfathers were rodeo riders once back in Mexico. 

“My dad was a rider, and I would go to the events and it's important to me to let him know I can also do that too,” said Avelar. 

They will be competing in the Olympics on June 1 and these girls are looking for potential sponsors. 

Their contact information is escaramuzaellucero@gmail.com

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