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Super polling sites see steady stream of voters; some say they felt 'more comfortable' voting in person

Some don't trust the mail-in ballot process, others say they just like the "experience" of voting in person.

The 235 super polling sites remained busy in San Diego Election Day. Some voters lined up bright and early even before the polls opened. 

At Hilltop High School, poll workers tell News 8 voters started lining up around 6 a.m.

At Chula Vista Middle School, there was a steady stream of voters throughout the day.

Voters gave lots of different reasons for why they chose to vote in person - rather than mail in their ballot.

"I just feel like it’s the thing to do to make sure my vote would count," said voter Les White.

"I don’t trust the mail-in ballot," said voter Aaron Gonzalez. "Plus it feels more patriotic, like I did my duty by coming here in person."

"I think mail-in voting is ripe for problems," said voter Steve Warne. "I don’t think we should have it."

"I did fill out my mail-in ballot, but didn’t feel safe to mail it out," said voter Alice Cerda. "I prefer to come in person to see where it’s going and how things are taken care of."

For Cerda, this is the first time the 20-year-old has ever voted in a presidential election.

"I felt powerful in a way," she said. "Good or bad outcome, I feel like I had a voice and I voiced it here."

"We are the future, we are the ones that are going to make change," she added.

Aurora and Andrew Dolopo have been voting for years. They said they enjoy the experience of voting in-person

"I just feel like it’s the right way, that my vote will be safer," said Aurora Dolopo.