SAN DIEGO — Feel like hearing some good news for a change? Here's a look back at a few stories from the week that will keep you informed and might even make you smile.

1. Supergirl Surf Pro kicks off in Oceanside

Hundreds of the best female surfers are in Oceanside this weekend for the 12th Annual Nissan Super Girl Surf Pro contest.

The commentator for the event is Lindsay Jacobellis, the most decorated United States female snowboarder ever. When asked if female surfing is growing, Jacobellis told News 8, “It’s growing, and you just see all the women who are supporting each other now these other facets that we have, the village, DJ competition and the music it’s just amazing.”

During the free event, the crowd will get a chance to see the best of the best from across the globe including Encinitas’ own Alyssa Spencer. Spencer, a 16-year-old, is competing to be a world champion surfer.

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2. Summer camp for siblings of cancer patients

It is summer and many kids are off enjoying their summer vacation at camp - including a special camp in Julian that is just for kids whose siblings have or have had cancer.

The Seany Foundation sibling summer camp, Reach for the Sky, is for kids ages eight to 17-years-old who have siblings with cancer.

“This is really fun. At camp you get to be yourself. There are no worries about bugging anyone. It is all about you. You get a chance to shine – it is great,” said Taylor Lionetti.

The week-long camp in the Julian mountains is run by volunteers and is no cost for families.

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Summer camp for siblings of cancer patients

3. Encinitas boathouses could be declared historic landmarks

A pair of homes in Encinitas could soon be recognized nationally as historic landmarks. In August, a state commission will consider that distinction for two boathouses that have been docked in Encinitas for nearly a century.  

The 50-foot, two-story boats, located in the middle of an Encinitas neighborhood, were never sea-faring and are actual homes built in 1928. They were built by Michigan man Miles Kellogg who used timber salvaged from a local bathhouse and an old hotel called the Moonlight Beach Dance Parlor – an 1888 hotel that failed to survive Prohibition, according to the Encinitas Historical Society

"It's a perfect example of re-purposing or recycling which is very much a part of the DNA of Encinitas," said Tom Cozens with the Encinitas Preservation Association.

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From the News 8 archives, this 1978 report give us a look at who was living in the S.S. Moonlight 40+ years ago and a glimpse of the interior:

4. Rolling around San Diego on skateboards and roller skates

San Diego is known for its beautiful weather so it’s no wonder many locals spend a lot of time outdoors. Of course, we need a way to get around and want to have fun doing it! As skateboarding and roller skating rose in popularity, San Diegans bounded on boards and strapped on skates to make their way around America’s Finest City - and they learned a few tricks along the way.  

From boarding by the beach in the 1970s to Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam in the early 2000s, our News 8 archives are a treasure trove of videos from the various eras of skating.

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5. 'Butterfly Face' man?

Sometimes the best stories come and go - and even fly away. Such was the case for the next Zevely Zone story fluttering your way. It starts with a video that shows Gabe Valdez brushing his teeth with a Monarch butterfly not only sitting on his nose but living on his face.  

"A butterfly landed on my face when I was walking down the street one day, she stuck around she stayed on my face for five days. I'd set her aside when I took a shower or went to sleep but besides that she was on my face for everything," said Valdez.

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butterfly face Zevely Zone
Gabe Valdez