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The Week in Good News across San Diego

Here’s a look back at some feel-good stories in San Diego you may have missed.
Credit: KFMB

SAN DIEGO — Feel like hearing some good news for a change? Here's a look back at a few stories from the week that will keep you informed and might even make you smile. 

1. The 2nd annual Celebration of Heroes Blood Drive

“From first responders, medical teams, blood donation and of course prayers, I’m here, I’m alive because of our beautiful community of San Diego,” Kyle Kraska, 2.25.15

News 8 Sports Director Kyle Kraska is nothing short of a living miracle. On February 10, 2015, he was ambushed outside his home, shot six times and survived.

Thank you for joining Kyle, the KFMB Stations, and the American Red Cross of San Diego and Imperial Counties, as we honored those who helped save his life and unite to help save others through the gift of blood.

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2. Two baby sea dragons hatch at Birch Aquarium

There are newborns at Birch Aquarium! 

Two weedy sea dragons, which are extremely rare, just hatched, and they are just 3/4-of-an-inch long.

"The day they did hatch out we saw one of the eggs was missing from its tail. I looked around the tank and sure enough, we found this little tiny miniature weedy sea dragon swimming around," said Leslee Matsushige, an Associate Curator who's been with the aquarium since it opened 28 years ago.

"I was jumping up and down screaming telling everyone 'Come over and check it out!' So it was really exciting," she said.

Weedy sea dragons are native to southern Australia. Many aquariums don't have them because they are hard to get and expensive.

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3. San Diego Loyal reveal 2020 jersey

The San Diego Loyal on Thursday night revealed their 2020 jerseys at a party open to the public at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens in Liberty Station.

Attendees of the party were the first to see home and away uniforms for the team’s first season. Fans met SD Loyal owners, coaches and the entire roster as well as the club’s inaugural kit partner.

Loyal fans were also able to purchase jerseys with an option to customize onsite.

4. Petco Foundation surprises San Diego Humane Society with $250,000 grant

Two Southern California pet shelters received major grant investments Thursday from the Petco Foundation, with $250,000 each going to the San Diego Humane Society and Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar.

The organizations are just two of the beneficiaries of Petco's pledged $10 million in grant investments to what it deems the most effective animal welfare organizations around the country.

Foundation staff also presented volunteers and staff at the two locations with thousands of Valentine's Day messages of gratitude for lifesaving work with pets.

The celebrations are part of the Petco Foundation's "Love Changes Everything" campaign that invites pet lovers to celebrate those who save animal lives by sending a shelter valentine on social media.

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Credit: KFMB

5. Seven San Diego couples tie the knot at Soapy Joe’s ‘Tunnel of Love’ on Valentine's Day! 

Instead of going to the chapel, seven San Diego couples went to Soapy Joe's car wash on Valentine's Day to say “I do.”

On Friday, the Imperial Beach location offered an alternative to romantics who wanted to avoid the County Administration building or an expensive church ceremony.

“This is a fun alternative for couples to make it official without the costs associated with traditional weddings, or long waits at the county courthouse on Valentine’s Day,” said Anne Mauler, VP of Marketing for Soapy Joe’s.

Soapy Joe's is already known for events like the car wash, Karaoke competition and holding the Guinness World Record for largest air freshener.

Among the couples who got hitched included an artist, a war veteran and a pair of high school sweethearts.

And, one of the perks included getting free car washes for life, of course!

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Credit: KFMB