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The Week in Good News across San Diego

Here’s a look back at some feel-good stories in San Diego you may have missed.
Credit: KFMB

SAN DIEGO — Feel like hearing some good news for a change? Here's a look back at a few stories from the week that will keep you informed and might even make you smile.

1. Therapy dogs don't need words

In the wake of the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, a special team of therapy dogs have been flown in to help victims and first responders heal.

In San Diego, Ricochet has become a local celebrity, but owner Judy Fridono said the Golden Retriever offers much more than just a surfing side-kick.

Ricochet has worked as a therapy dog for more than ten years, bringing peace to those going through a difficult time – including veterans with PTSD and children with special needs.  

“Ricochet’s talent is healing people. We don’t have words to help them, but the dogs don’t need words,” said Judy.

It is this kind of healing that is being offered to the victims and first responders of the recent mass shootings.

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2. Celebration of life honors Cal Fire firefighter

Friends, family and colleagues gathered Tuesday to remember a 29-year-old Cal Fire firefighter from Escondido who suffered a medical emergency during a training hike with his engine crew, according to Cal Fire Chief Tony Mecham. 

Mecham told mourners gathered at North Coast Church in Vista that Katkov's ability to play center showed his character and leadership. Watch the memorial here.

Katkov graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor's degree in business and finance and received his real estate license before deciding to become a firefighter.

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3. Tarantulas looking for love in San Diego?

You may or may not know, but tarantulas are part of San Diego and they are on the move. Why? Because males are looking for females to mate with, but in typical male fashion, some are a little lost. News 8's Shawn Styles explains in this Earth 8 report.

4. Momma cat nurses 11 kittens on International Cat Day! 

San Diego Humane Society’s Kitten Nursery is caring for a cat who gave birth to 11 kittens. This is rare, as the average litter size for cats is three to five kittens. Even more unusual, the cat has 11 nipples – one for each kitten. On average, cats have six to eight nipples and they almost always have an even number.

“A healthy litter this size is incredibly uncommon and certainly not something we see every day in the nursery,” said Jackie Noble, kitten nursery manager.

The mother and her kittens were discovered by a good Samaritan inside a dumpster in downtown San Diego. 

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Credit: KFMB

5. Large lizard on the loose in North County... say what now?

There is a lizard on the loose in the North County. The monitored lizard has been spotted in an Escondido neighborhood several times over the past year. As News 8's photojournalist Tim Blodgett tells us, it is big enough to potentially cause some problems for pets.