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The Week in Good News across San Diego

Here’s a look back at some feel-good stories in San Diego you may have missed.
Credit: KFMB

SAN DIEGO — Feel like hearing some good news for a change? Here's a look back at a few stories from the week that will keep you informed and might even make you smile.

1. Just call it 'Puppy Fever'!

If taking a picture of your beloved animal is not enough, you could always get a professional pet portrait.  This Zevely Zone starts with Jeff and his family making the following announcement: "Well, we finally did it. The Zevely Family got itself a dog. He is a Labradoodle. His name is Raleigh. He is 16 weeks old.  We've been taking a lot of pictures of him because we have puppy fever."

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Credit: KFMB

2. On your mark, get set... enjoy!  

Races of all distances and types are long traditions in San Diego. Each year, people from all over the county - and far beyond - walk, run, roll and jog in a variety of local fun runs, 5Ks, marathons and everything in between.  

San Diego is preparing for lots of upcoming races including - America’s Finest City Half-Marathon and 5K on Aug. 18, the Wounded Warrior Project Carry Forward 5K on Aug. 24 and the 30th annual AIDS Walk and Run San Diego on Sept. 28 -  so we sprinted to our archives and unearthed some running footage of yesteryear.  

From races in the 1970s to the first Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon in San Diego, we found the running community has enjoyed a long history here.  

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Credit: KFMB

3. No waves, no glory!

Fourteen surfing legends, including Mike Hyson, Carl Ekstrom, and LJ Richards, were inducted into the San Diego Surfing Hall of Fame Tuesday night.

One of them was Skip Frye who fell in love with the ocean 61 years ago.

“A lot of the people that are being honored tonight are people I looked up to when I was young. My parents weren’t too happy. They didn’t see a future in it. They wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor,” he said.

Skip went on to be a professional surfer and winning a championship in 1966.

“I am just a regular guy that went surfing,” he said.

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4. Something must be in the water at Rady Children's Hospital!

How else can you explain more than 20 women from one unit being pregnant at the same time? 

"I think we have an epidemic on our hands," is what Jeff said after he received another call from another hospital claiming its entire staff is pregnant. He headed to Rady Children's to figure out what's going on. This isn't the first time he's covered pregnant staff at a hospital.

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Credit: KFMB

5. Lost Mickey Mouse takes a vacation!

A guest at the Carlsbad by the Sea Hotel forgot his stuffed Mickey Mouse, but before staff at the hotel over-nighted the fella back his owner, they treated Mickey to his very own vacation.

Mickey reassured his owner everything was fine and narrated his experience via an email.

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Credit: Carlsbad by the Sea Hotel