SAN DIEGO (CBS 8 ) – Surveillance cameras are about to go live in Ocean Beach and residents are still upset calling it an invasion of privacy.

CBS News 8 checked with a Councilwoman Lori Zapf’s Communications Director, Donna Cleary, who says a new conference is planned for this week on the surveillance cameras that have been in the works for more than eight months.

Monday evening, crews were seen making adjustments to the cameras where there is one, two or three cameras mounted to light poles or a lifeguard tower.

The original plan was 10 cameras but 12 were counted between Dog Beach and the Ocean Beach Pier and pointed in the parking lot or beach.

Zapf says the cameras are needed for safety and she helped locked in $25,000 for the San Diego Police Department. She says the video will be housed in the lifeguard tower, will not be manned 24-hours, and will be put on a three-day to a week loop and be erased.  

Before the cameras are operational signs warning the public about the surveillance cameras need to be posted.

Cleary says they should know by mid-week when the cameras will be operational and hope to have them next week or the week after. They will be rolled out with police, community leaders and crime victims.