A suspect in a sexual assault in the Miramar area earlier this month, and another attack in Poway dating back more than four years, is due for arraignment tomorrow, authorities reported.

Carlos Ceron Salazar, 30, allegedly attacked a female jogger at Miramar Lake around noon on Dec. 8, according to San Diego police.

The victim told investigators that her assailant grabbed her and forced her to the ground, but let go when she bit him on the hand.

"She bit him so hard that when he pulled his hand away, two of her teeth were ripped from her mouth," SDPD spokeswoman Monica Munoz said. "The victim was able to get away and call for help."

Police got a sample of the attacker's DNA via the victim, but a computer database check revealed no match. Witness statements, however, led detectives to eventually identify Salazar as the suspect in the case, according to Munoz.

On Dec. 22, Escondido police arrested Salazar on suspicion of being drunk in public. When they took a DNA sample and ran it against computer records, it allegedly matched that of the assailant in the two-week-old sex-assault case in northern San Diego.

Salazar's genetic profile also allegedly was consistent with that of the perpetrator of a September 2004 sex assault in Poway, Munoz said.

Salazar is scheduled to be arraigned in downtown San Diego on Wednesday morning.