SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The future of the Chargers in San Diego remains up in the air with the city and county trying to get the team back to the table to negotiate on a new stadium plan.

While the Bolts have been exploring a move to Los Angeles, an anti-trust lawsuit could force them to stay in San Diego.

The man behind the Bolt Man, is Dan Jauregui. He said what is currently taking shape between the Chargers and Carson is not right, in fact it's worse.

"If the fans think this is all just smoke and screens, this is very serious at this point. What the Chargers and the NFL are doing is illegal," he said.

New York Attorney James Quinn has not been hired by anyone and is not behind any current lawsuit, but he said a case could be made that anti-trust laws are being violated.

"What's going on appears to be an orchestrated effort by a group of NFL owners to end up with a franchise with a place that is most lucrative to them," said Quinn.

Quinn said he believes "a good cause can be made out by the city that they are effectively being boycotted by the NFL and NFL owners."

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said they are not planning on filing any lawsuit.

"In 2006, the City of San Diego agreed in an amended lease that the Chargers may relocate after the 2008 season outside of San Diego under certain conditions and further agreed to waive any claim the City might otherwise have based upon such a relocation," said Goldsmith.

Bolt Man remains positive. "They are not going anywhere. Not without a fight," he said.