SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Tony Young was unanimously re-elected as the president of the San Diego City Council Monday.

Kevin Faulconer, who made the nomination, said Young was open and fair to both council colleagues and the public.

Under Young, the council has had "one of our most productive years," Faulconer said.

Lorie Zapf, who is beginning her second year on the panel, said the job was "terrific" in part because Young was so "professional" and "respectful."

Young thanked the council members for their support and kind comments.

"I'm a little embarrassed right now," Young said. "I thank God that he has blessed me with competent and smart council members to work with."

He said his goals were to make the body respected by the public, and help San Diegans realize that their council members really are working for them.

The second-term councilman represents neighborhoods in the southeastern portion of the city.